1. Choose Facebook-Button-Type

2. Enter Website

3. Generate Code for Likebutton

Create Facebook Like Button

On you can easily and quickly create Facebook buttons for your own website. Just input the URL of your website (or your Facebook page), choose the desired button type and generate your personal code. Then copy and paste the code in the source code of your website and you are done!

Why should you install Like Button on your website / homepage / website?

The Like Button of Facebook can be found on almost all websites. If your friends already like your site, they are also displayed depending on the button type of the button. Otherwise it shows how many fans your site has already collected on Facebook. The more the better! So quickly insert Your Own Likebutton and gain more fans!

Now simply generate your own Likebutton: HTML generator for Like-Button

The "official" way to get a Facebook Like button is via the Developer section of Facebook. This is not only unnecessarily complicated, it also requires you to register and bores you with many technical details, that require expert knowledge. Here you can simply enter your domain (or your Facebook page), select the type you want (see preview), and click on the green button - done! Then just paste the code at the location in the source code of your website where the button should appear.

Embed Facebook like button

To include the famous thumb of Facebook on your site, just follow these steps. First, use this page to generate the HTML code for the Likebutton. You can embed the generated FB Like Button very simple: Copy the code generated to the location in the HTML source code where the button should appear. If you have a content management system such as WordPress or Drupal, please pay attention to insert the code as source code and not in the visual editor. If you work directly with HTML templates youcan modify the files locally in the editor of your choice use your FTP program to upload them to your webspace or server.

Does this also work with WordPress?

Yes, just make sure that the code is inserted as HTML and not in the visual editor (for example, the widgets). With normal webpages just upload the modified HTML file via FTP. It is that easy!

Is there a Facebook Like Button for WordPress widget?

Yes, and quite easy and without you having to install additional plugins! Simply generate your code here. Then in WordPress admin area under Design -> Widgets use a "Text" widget and paste the generated code, done!